Monday, October 20, 2014

Foreshadowing Fall Foods (Google+ It All!)

Finally I get around to an autumn-themed plate for you guys. (: So Saturday was our one-act competition, and yesterday I'm went to see some of my Harris County favorites in their show at the Springer!

A Year with Frog and Toad was fabulous as all get-out.
Springer's smaller shows are greatly enjoyable for their audience relationships. The actors would sing directly to the viewers, there was interaction between the leads and the children, and there was even a "snow storm" of raining confetti that everyone loved.
Not to mention the creative genius behind the design of the show. The costumes were of a gorgeous early to mid-1900's theme, and though the characters were all animals, it was still highly personified and merely suggestive. What really sold each impersonation was the acting expertise. Each person was so committed and eager to put on a show. It's a magic Springer simply has. (:

Also, as you can tell from the original planning post, today is supposedly Google+ Setup Day! Cue fireworks. But overachiever and Type A person that I am, I didn't want to show up empty-handed, so I have already built up profile a bit. However, we'll take it as a setup (-the-followers) day, so if you're here, do me a favor and publicly recommend this post by clicking that +1 on the right hand column! And add me in your circles for constant post updates and occasional photos that I find share-worthy and usual polls that I will host to keep everyone engaged. Much love.

And back to updates on one act. Sadly, we did not win. However, we were convinced that our competition performance was the best we had ever run, and that in itself made us proud. We know we did amazing. So in our hearts we won. ^*^

Today was our third to last performance. ): Such an experience is almost at an end. Tomorrow we have another performance at 7PM, so come to Brookstone to catch the last glimpse for public audiences. Friday will be our very last show, for the school.. And then play season is over for freshman year! Wow.

Ps, I think I might be in love with oatmeal. As I sit here and type up this post about the oatmeal breakfast Sunday, I'm having a late study snack of choc oatmeal. It's going to be my bread and butter during my broke college days. Not the conventional girl that buys Ramen, mind you. That stuff is actually detrimental to your health, tainted with artificial preservatives and sneaky chemicals.

{There it is, my first official fall food entry for you all. Overnight Red Delicious Oats With Pears and Cinnamon. Drizzled with some wonderful agave nectar. That is the definitive raw and vegan and natural sweetener that I will always, continuously go back to. No fat, and actually beneficial amounts of calcium and fiber. ^.^ Plus, I'm not a usual big fan of pears, but I sliced these babies up, and it was like gliding a knife through butter. They were ripe to perfection, with the juice and sweetness in perfect ratio. So savory to eat. Red pears have almost 10% of your RDA for copper! You don't think about that mineral much, but it's necessary for your blood to continue to flow. To make these overnight oats, I simply blended up some red delicious apples from my birthday fruit basket with water, added oats, and let it soak in the fridge overnight. The bottom layer is some concentrated apple juice, then there are the apple oats, and last on top you see my pear slices and the cinnamon. Sorry for the atypical non-mason jar container. Perhaps I should add some pretty glass containers to a veg's Christmas wishlist. Hints on a Pinterest in development. (;}

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