Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Delicious Delay (IG Promo Reprise!)

So, you know how I said that Instagram promotion day was going to be.. A while ago?

Because IG thought I was spam (quite offensive, really), and disabled my account. Now I'm slowly gaining back credibility. And, you will see by looking to the right, I have already stocked up on posts. Now, I would love if you would just fancy clicking below to the right on the follow button. Or follow me HERE. I mean, you would fancy it. Pictures daily of delicious, healthilicious food? Bliss achieved by a single follow.

So today for breakfast was a scrumptious plate of acids. But the good kind, the kind that detoxifies and nourishes all simultaneously! (Pineapple is a natural cleanser.)
There are no bananas because my mom mistakenly thought one bunch could last us the entire week. ): I'm such a monkey!

Anyways, yesterday was the concert Brookstone chorus and dance team put on. The night was a night of "Mickey Magic." We sang some of the songs I told you I loved so much, songs from Aladdin and Jungle Book and Hercules. There were solos and duets from some Menken favorites, and the middle school performed Colors of the Wind. And I'm secretly Pocahontas, so that's a big deal for me.
It was basically great.

And Monday was also the first practice for the swim team... For me. I had somehow managed to accumulate enough absences to miss the entire first week of practice, so I had a Monday of first practice to prepare me for today. Today was butterfly lessons, which meant ab work. Like, a lot of ab work. If I'm not ripped by the end of the season, I'll be disappointed. (;
Ps, as I spill another spiel here about my mediocrely entertaining life in my chlorine-stink state, let me tell you about my inability to swim very well. I swam on a team for about a year some time ago... maybe four years past? But then I quit when my schedule got really conflicted and crazed. But now I'm back, and attempting to swim for Brookstone. ... I'm really bad. But I'm going to work super hard to improve! ^.^

Anyways, I'm starting to have seriously real issues taking good quality pictures as the days get shorter.
But that does mean winter is around the corner! (: That's always such a jolly time of the year. Besides the cold.
So my compromise with the universe's changing of seasons is to take up learning how to use my mother's old camera. I say old, but it's one of those super fancy ones that makes a ton of shutter noises with ten thousand options and seven hundred buttons. You know what I'm talking about. I would like to see what kind of a difference (for the better) it can bring to my pictures.

So that's exciting, so much development here in this gap on the gigantic weave of networks, right? ^8^ Anyways, I have to finish this post up, because I need to study. [:


{A Pineapple Smoothie Bowl Topped with Berries and Kiwi. So much tarzanguous (I'm Dr. Seuss, lol) love in here. The pineapple is doing your body a whole lot of good: keeping your joints healthy, giving you electrolytes and Vitamin C, and cleansing your mucus! Yes, pineapple is great for cleaning your tracks. The berries, filled with antioxidants as always, are also great to have in the morning. Blueberries are good for rejuvenating your brain, and strawberries can promote your mental health and prevent Alzheimer's. Love yourself with fruit in the morning!}

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