Friday, August 22, 2014

Veggible Involvement

As a new student, the main piece of advice I was told before I came was "to GET INVOLVED."

So yesterday, I auditioned for the Brookstone one-act, and today during assembly I gave a speech and ran for SGA Treasurer.

I was not elected for Treasurer, but it was still a really great thing to do, I thought. I got compliments on my speech from people I didn't even know, opening a chance to get to know even more of these people I know hardly anything about. And a chance to speak to my class as a whole body was a great chance to break the ice as "the new kid."

Our 2014 Treasurer, Will Byrd, did a phenomenal job with his speech and truly deserved it. And he was a really great sport about winning! So even though I didn't get elected, I feel like it was a rewarding new thing to try, and I totally would have regretted it if I didn't. (:

As for auditions, they were so much fun. There wasn't a horde of people that showed up to audition, so the warm ups we were led through connected instantly and build a sense of ensemble quicker than I have ever seen in my experience as a theatre kid. I won't know if I'm cast or not until Monday before lunch. ^-^ I'm nervous, of course, as acting is something that I have always been active in and really enjoyed. But I understand that I'm a freshman, so priority might go to upperclassmen who have done more here at Brookstone and have already showcased talents. Any way, it'd be great to be a part of Brookstone's production!

As you can tell, today was a jumpstart day, so I had a LOT of veggies today at breakfast.

Vegetables are the perfect kind of filling that won't leave your stomach in nauseating twists and turns after the meal, and their super high water content keeps you hydrated and refreshed.

Sweet bell pepper cups for a big green smoothie.

And diced cucumber in hummus on the side.

{Bell peppers are so essential for me because of the amounts of minerals. I don't like meat, and eat little of it, which can lead to deficiencies I have to watch. Sweet peppers have lots of iron, zinc, copper, and amazing sources of Vitamin A and C. My green smoothie is my habitual way of speed eating salads and sneaking more greens in before my stomach realizes it is full. A lot of spinach, a banana, and water was all it took! Cucumbers are a cool and cleansing vegetable that has a really decent taste once you get used to it. I use cucumbers to satisfy late night munchies. >.< And hummus is simply lovable, yet also packs the protein while maintaining my blood sugar.}

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