Thursday, August 28, 2014

Study Snacks

A couple of great girls had the idea last year to make a small Bible study group for freshmen girls happen this year, coming into the upper school from Brookstone middle school. This Thursday is the first time we will meet, so as a little treat I thought to make some breakfast dessert snacks to bring!

However, as you can obviously tell from the quality of some of my photos and the lack of posts here, I am new to this food blogging thing.. And I'm not exactly the most proficient when it comes to making perfect recipes look perfect and come out perfect to be admired on a blog for their perfection. So needless to say, there were no Bible study snacks provided courtesy of me today. : /
I attempted mini raw vegan pies. There was Key Lime Pie and Piña Colada. It sounded absolutely delicious in theory, and as I was making it, it felt like it was going to turn out great. Then this morning, I pull them out of the freezer, attempt to pop them out of their molds, and find it a glob of yummy mess.

But as much of a food fanatic as I am, I was not going to let delectable treats go to waste simply because of a lack of a certain aesthetic appeal. I had my breakfast straight out of the mold today. ^,^

Bible study looked really promising, as the Mrs. Chapman, our leader, is really sweet and genuine, which makes up the best kind of encouraging that you would love as someone that you know will be a friendly mentor. I'm excited for an opportunity to bond with girls that will lift each other up!

Then, later today, we had our first rehearsal for the one-act. We mainly read through the script, and I have to say, the cast is perfect for every role, and majorly talented. Everything came out so natural, believable, and fantastically emotionalized from each lead. On the first try!

If I forgot to mention, I got cast as ensemble. *yippee* So I can get to know the Brookstone drama community with a wonderful show to start the season!


And these treats were a wonderful start to my adventure in perfecting my raw vegan dessert skills. Even though they weren't portable (or pretty) enough to share with anyone, I still believe they were tasteful enough to be enjoyed by anyone with a sweet tooth. It'll be interesting to see if my artistic culinary skills improve over time, tracked by posts. I really hope I improve. +.+

I made two sets of mini-pies. Since the recipes were not faulty and only the firming process, I'll still share and leave you up to your own in finding how to make them solid "cakes." My problem was that the crust did not adhere to the filling, and by the time I jimmied each minicake out of the mold, it had amalgamated into a melted mess.

{So, (mostly) raw vegan treats! The crust was the same for both flavors. Soaked raisins and coconut shreds, processed with oats, then pressed into the bottom of the molds. I've talked about those dried grapes and the magic superpowers of oats, but coconut is underestimated. It's sometimes mistakenly prejudiced for all the fat it has, and the high calorie content. But coconut actually stimulates fat-burning, for those concerned about the saturate content of these tropical wonders. They are also great sources of potassium (like bananas) and fiber. The key lime pie was simply avocados blended with lime juice and maple syrup. Maple syrup is a vegan sweetener I had left to be used up, so I found the excuse to use it! Otherwise, I use agave nectar. Lime juice can pack a stingy sour kick! But it is so great for your skin. Even applied externally. Think about it, when you eat lime, you get the face value of the external product use and the vitamin-C supplement it provides when eaten! The piña colada filling used a base of bananas, some pineapple, maple syrup, and coconut. Pineapple contains some sneaky minerals you wouldn't expect to get from a tropical nature goodie. Top the green cakes with some chilly kiwi and the yellow with some vibrant pineapple, and you have the makings for a delicious, guilt-free makings for a dessert breakfast!}

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