Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Banana Newbie

A number of months earlier, I started a tedious process with the possibility of rejection looming over my head the entire time.

I applied to Brookstone.
This was a majorly elite prep school, and I was public school groomed.
I sat in classes with twenty-something other students, and our honors classes' selection was vast enough to include multiple levels of skill and comprehension. We had a cafeteria that sat more than four hundred students at a time, rotating twice to make room for each grade. My teachers were beyond enjoyable and supportive, but understandably, they had a multitude of other pupils to attend to. In my school, I was probably only friendly with a quarter of the students. It was huge.

I was ready for a more personal schooling experience. My former school was homely and exceptionally well-rounded, giving me the ability to do my best at every opportunity given, but I was ready to give Brookstone, with its individualized attention to each student, a try.

You can't imagine the overwhelming cascade of excitement I felt at being accepted.
But it was all so new.
The first day, the ecstasy of a new school, new crowd, and new environment rushed at me, and I carried through the day with a happy cloud framing my senses.
Then came freshman retreat, and I realized just how new I was. This was a completely different crowd, and I was an individual that was not from it. It was a little intimidating.
But I accepted it as simple fact and not obstacle. After all, what harm can being unique do me?

Someone stopped me in the halls earlier this week and asked me, "Are you the one that blogs about being vegan?" I laughed at the confusion and politely denied it.
But later in retrospect, I wondered, why can't I be?
I'm not a vegan, I made it clear to that same student that it would be absolutely impossible for me to give up cheese.

But my FoodStyle is something that I really like; my Brookstone experience will certainly be interesting enough for myself to write about. (Any additional readers would be an unexpected treat!)
So sure, I decided. I can be that girl that blogs about her food and life. From a more official viewpoint, perhaps I can look at it as practice for writing on a schedule, and a way to document the change Brookstone will be for me.

"Someone told me you ate a lot of bananas, so I assumed you were [the blogger]."

I do love bananas; they're a staple of natural sweetness and goodness. An anti-depressent, calcium supplement, and iron mineral bank. Sometimes, I can be guilty of five a day.

Oatmeal Raisin Nanookies for the newbie! Delicious way to start a brand new day.

{Nanookies are my alternative cookies. Instead of sugar and flour, I substitute in simple grilled bananas. It makes them sweet with a nice aroma and just the right amount of chewy. Oatmeal is full of easily digestible fiber, which keeps you full with minimum excess sugar, and gives plenty of energy to power through the day with. Raisins have this great antioxidant that can help lower blood cholesterol, keep you heart healthy, and even provide protective benefits against certain cancers.}

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