Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Avotella Advocate

On the topic of getting involved, one of my best friends that came with me as a newbie to Brookstone, is starting a debate club at the school, co-founding it alongside me.

When we were in English class a few days back, we had a Agree/Disagree discussion where we would take a common statement, pick a side based on our personal opinion, then split into two groups defending each viewpoint. It was quite fun for a classroom activity. (;
I was glad to see others enjoying the debate, too, though. It proves an active chance to draw more people into involvement with the debate club.

Brookstone currently does not have a debate team. We're hoping to recruit a group of students interested in this prosecution-and-defense style fun and committed enough to train and stay on board for the competition we are holding as our goal. Thursday is Club Day, so if this is your thing, definitely come and check it out!
This whole thing calls for some Avotella.

It's not the most photogenic treat, but I promise it's delicious!

{Avotella is my all natural pudding spread made with an avocado base, blended hazelnuts, agave nectar, and cacao. Though it's a bit more decadent, it's still a guilt-free treat to have, even for breakfast! I use natural sweeteners, and avocado is a necessity in the healthy fats department. It's got the kind of fat that can keep you heart healthy, so don't be fooled into thinking avocado is fatty and bad! That oleic acid has been found to prevent breast cancer. The fruit also provides great derivations of carotenoid lutein, which preserves your eyes as you age. Hazelnuts have the same oleic acid, and also a fair amount of the magnesium we need for regulating the calcium that keeps our bones and muscles taken care of. I've always like hazelnuts simply for their taste, it's a bit chocolatey by itself! And then I realized I had no bread to spread it on, so I added in some oatmeal for a warming chocolate satisfaction treat!}

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